About Ultramacro Ltd

Ultramacro Ltd is part of a group of leading UK optics businesses who design, manufacture and distribute microscopes, telescopes, binoculars and magnifiers.
At our core we are a group of enthusiasts in the field of microscopy and imaging with experience in the field dating back further than we would care to mention

Those businesses include:-

Ultramacro Ltd collaborate closely with many other businesses including WeMacro who supply us with our own specified versions of many of our own brand products.

Our expertise encompasses:

  1. All aspects of optics
  2. The involvement of the founders of the business in the original development of the focus stacking algorithms in Cambridge 1995
  3. Probably more expertise in microscopy and imaging than most organisations in Europe
  4. Motorisation of devices for focus stacking and scanning
  5. Microscope imaging, image processing and image analysis
  6. Microscope motorisation
  7. Microscope repairs and servicing

With these unique foundations and an enjoyment of dealing with enthusiasts in this field and the realisation that full and accurate information on every aspect of this range of subjects is not easy to find, we decided to at least try to bring it all together with the launch of Ultramacro Ltd.  It is a large subject area so please bear with us while we continue to accumulate and share information as fast as we can.

All contributions from photographers already engaged in these areas are warmly welcomed.