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  • DIPP-Motion V - Motion Analysis Software

    DIPP-Motion V - Motion Analysis Software

    DIPP Motion V is a very powerful motion image analysis program packed with advanced features in an easy-to-use environment.  It allows you to analyse video sequences using a suite of powerful tools.
    Features include:-

    • Automated Multiple Feature Detection and Tracking from video sequences
    • 3D space coordinates
    • Scene correlation with automated template recognition
    • Background registration and subtraction to show changes only
    • Grid overlays, binarisation, project management, animations
    • Graphs and tabulated results including path analysis, variation, angle and velocity
    • Lens distortion correction
    • 2D and 3D versions of the software available (SELECT FROM BELOW)
    • The 2D version permits calibration of the scene using 2D projective transformation / grids
    • The 3D version will combine and correlate data from two cameras to create a 3D dataset and is calibrated using DLT methods / Cuboid scale auto detect / Dynamic calibrations