Monozoom Microscopes

Monozoom Microscopes are similar to DSLR zoom lenses but much higher magnification and they can have numerous accessories such as incident illuminators, stands and different objectives.  You can configure them to have almost any magnification you wish.  They have no electrical connection to the camera so are different in that important regard to a standard macro lens.. These microscopes are very popular in industry because of their size and because they are extremely modular allowing you to adapt them to almost any application.  They are less popular in science because there are typically no eyepieces present (although some variants do have them).  They are almost never used by amateurs, mostly because there is no history of amateurs buying them and very few companies promote them to amateurs.  They are also rare because they can be fairly costly and there is a scarcity of adapters to connect to DSLR cameras.  However, they are excellent microscopes and in our opinion should be much more widely used.  Ultramacro can supply adapters for many makes of these versatile microscopes.
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