A30-50 Long Reach, Articulated Arm, G-Clamp Stand

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A30-50 Long Reach, Articulated Arm, G-Clamp, Microscope or Camera Stand

A unique, substantial microscope or camera stand with a G-Clamp

This high quality, highly stable stand that is both much lighter in weight than most other stands of this type and it leaves the bench area clear immediately under the stand.  It is designed for looking at large specimens or specimens that need to moved significantly.


This is how it works and how it is assembled:

  • The vertical pole is screwed into the G-Clamp assembly
  • The height locking collar is mounted onto the vertical pole
  • The articulated arm support assembly is mounted onto the vertical pole
  • The articulated arm is inserted into the socket of the articulated arm support assembly
  • An 'end arbour' pole is inserted into the 'E-Arm' socket at the end of the articulated arm and locked into position.
  • A microscope holder or camera/lens holder is mounted onto the end-arbour
  • The microscope head is placed into the microscope holder or a camera/lens system is attached to the camera/lens holder
  • The 'end' arbour' can be tilted to the desired angle and locked into position.
  • The articulated boom arm can be extended, turned and height adjusted to the desired length and clamped
  • The  articulated arm and articulated arm support assembly can be moved up the vertical pillar to the desired height and locked into position
  • The height locking collar is clamped into position under the boom arm support assembly to prevent any downward movement
  • The microscope/lens can be focussed using the focus knob on the microscope holder.
  • Optional ringlights or gooseneck illuminators can be added.

Key Features:

  • High quality build and design
  • Very long reach
  • ​Spring-Loaded height adjustment
  • 3 Articulation points
  • Extremely stable even at maximum extension
  • Fully adjustable height and reach
  • Rotable arm
  • Rotatable and tiltable microscope holder options
  • Numerous clampable positioning components
  • Choice of optional 'end arbour' diameters
  • Large choice of optional microscope holders and camera /lens holders
  • Extremely Strong Table G-Clamp
  • Unobstructed bench area
  • Optional Desk Mount
  • Optional Boom Arm


  • Vertical Pillar height: 42.5cm (49 cm including the base)
  • Articulated Arm Maximum length: 85cm (99.5cm with typical microscope holder attached)
  • Vertical Pillar diameter: 31.5mm
  • 3 Articulation Points
  • Articulated Arm Spring-Loaded Height Adjustment Range: 49cm
  • E-Arm Socket at end of Articul;ated Arm, Socket diameter 15.9mm (takes any end arbour holder with an E-Arm)
  • At least 4Kg load on microscope holder

Optional End Arbours


An ‘End Arbour’ is a high grade steel pole onto which microscope holders (also known as focussing rings) and other devices can be attached.  They are hinged at the top with a clamp so the angle of the arbour and therefore the attached holder can be adjusted.  At the bottom the have a knurled cap which screws into the end, it is removed so that holders can be slid onto the arbour and it is then replaced to prevent any possibility of the holder from sliding off.  At the top they have an ‘E-Arm’ which is a special 5/8th inch diameter spigot (with a recessed clamping section).  This inserts into the end of the Boom Arm (or Articulated Arm) and is firmly clamped into place.  End arbours are available in different diameters, the most common is 25mm and this must match the hole in the microscope holder.

  • AV60-25   25mm diameter
  • AV60-32   32mm diameter

Optional Microscope Holders

25mm Diameter Arbour Mounted Microscope Holders:

25mm Arbour Mounted Microscope Holders

  • 7247: 76mm Diam.
  • 4673: 84mm Diam.
  • AVH39: 39mm Diam.

E-Arm Microscope Holders (no End Arbour required) - these give less flexibility compared to arbour mounted microscope holders:

AVH*E Series

  • AVH76E: 76mm Diam.
  • AVH84E: 84mm Diam.
  • AVH39E: 39mm Diam

E-Arm Track Mounted Microscope Holders - the advantage of these is that you have a long focus range without having to reposition the height of the horizontal pole:

AV*TE Series

  • AVH76TE: 76mm Diam.
  • AVH84TE: 84mm Diam.
  • AVH39TE: 39mm Diam.

E-Arm Camera/Lens Holders with 1/4in. Tripod Mount - these screw directly into camera/lens systems that have a tripod mount socket:

AV-TM series AV-TM-TNE

  • AV-TM-E: Tripod Mount (left)
  • AV-TM-NE: Tripod Mount N-Type (third from left)
  • AV-TM-TNE: Tripod Mount Track N-Type (right)

Alternative Horizontal Arm (and support assembly):


AV50 Arm

Technical specifications

Brand AV Series
Condition New
Product Code UM1172
Weight 10kg

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