Nikon CFI Plan Achromat​​​​​​​ Microscope Objectives

Product code: UM1210
Nikon CFI Plan Achromat 10X Microscope Objective
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Microscope Objective Series

Nikon CFI Plan Achromat

CFI=Chromatic Aberration Free Infinity

M25 thread

10X IN STOCK NOW - limited quantities
Other magnifications have to be ordered specially and can take up to 7 weeks, normally it is 2 or 3 weeks.

Please note these objectives are generally not stocked by Nikon and only made in batches, so delivery can take 4-14 weeks.  We generally hold a number in stock with very short delivery times, in fact we hold more in stock than any other organisation including Nikon! When these are occasionally exhausted before the new batch arrive, we are sorry, but a long wait can be expected.

CFI Plan Achromat Series
Microscope objectives providing incredible image flatness over the entire 25mm field of view, with chromatic aberration correction throughout the entire visible spectrum.

Much heralded as a superb quality microscope objective series by photographers, these objectives are ideal for use with Ultramacro's Professional Grade Raynox DCR 150 DSLR:Objective Tube Lens Kit UM1209 plus our M25:M42 adapter.

W.D. = Working Distance
N.A. = Numerical Aperture
oil = this is an oil immersion objective.  It requires special immersion oil into which the end of the objective must be dipped so it can look through the oil onto the top of the coverglass that covers the subject.  This improves the refractive index of the space between the objective and the coverglass thereby increasing the resolving power of the optics.

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Brand Nikon
Product Code UM1210
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