ultraZoom-3 Stereo Zoom Microscope 7X-63x (up to 351x), Trinocular with dual LED stand
ultraZoom-3 Stereo Zoom Microscope 7X-63x (up to 351x), Trinocular with dual LED stand
ultraZoom-3 Stereo Zoom Microscope 7X-63x (up to 351x), Trinocular with dual LED stand
ultraZoom-3 Stereo Zoom Microscope 7X-63x (up to 351x), Trinocular with dual LED stand
ultraZoom-3 Stereo Zoom Microscope 7X-63x (up to 351x), Trinocular with dual LED stand

ultraZoom-3 Stereo Zoom Microscope 7X-63x (up to 351x), Trinocular with dual LED stand

Product code: UM1078B
ultraZoom-3 Stereo Zoom Microscope 7X-63x (up to 351x), Trinocular with dual LED stand

GX Microscopes UltraZoom-3 Research Grade, Long Working Distance, Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with Fluorescence Option

The UltraZoom-3 is a research grade, substantial, stereo zoom microscope with high optical quality, flat field objectives, very widefield eyepieces, high quality output to camera, large zoom range, long working distance - huge choice of stands The build quality is exceptional being all metal with HD coated optical components.
The UltraZoom-3 has a magnification zoom range of: 7X-63X, expandable to a massive 3.5X-351X with options and is equipped with an advanced simultaneous viewing camera port on the trinocular head as standard for live image viewing capture and analysis.

  • Huge choice of stands
  • This microscope has an optional fluorescence imaging attachment making it a truly versatile workhorse for almost any application.
  • This stylish microscope is the very latest, modern design by GX Microscopes Microscopes.  It includes all the features you would expect to see from such an advanced design including simultaneous image output to both eyepieces and camera port.  The UltraZoom-3 has superb quality coated optics which deliver a bright, crisp, high resolution image in beautiful 3D.  The 3D effect is produced by the presence of a pair of angled zoom objectives each of which presents a slightly different view of the subject and transmits this to each eyepiece.
  • Fluorescence option

This microscope is suitable for use for almost every task including entomology, PCB repairs, research, university teaching, industrial inspection and any dissection work.. It is supplied with a stand which has both top and bottom illumination, although, for photography, we strongly recommend adding additional lighting for optimum results such as a ring light or fibre optic goosenecks.

This microscope is supplied, as standard, with a dual LED illuminated wide base pillar stand as shown in the pictures.

In the options you can select different types of long reach stands to be supplied instead, the upgrade price is shown:

Long Reach Boom Stand with Desk Base AV20-40-25-7247

Long Reach Boom Stand with G-Clamp AV30-40-25-7247

Long Reach Articulated Arm Stand with G-Clamp AV20-50-25-7247

Long Reach Boom Stand with G-Clamp AV30-40-25-7247

We have over 50 other types of stands you can choose from including mirror base, motorised, high track versions.  Please ask us if you require something specific - we can supply it!

For any photography getting plenty of light onto the subject is utterly essential for the best results, select from these illumination options:

iLUMos High Intensity Dual Gooseneck LED Microscope Illuminator. 0153i

  • Air Cooled Powerful 20W LED light source at least 1250 Lumens! (Optional 50W LED with at least 2250 Lumens - please enquire)
  • The Light Guides have unusually wide fibre bundles running through them with upgraded shielding to produce a more even light with high transmission rates
  • Long Light Guides that hold their position
  • Portable with carry handle

iLUMos DUAL GOOSENECK LED Microscope Illuminator. 0511i
  • Adjustable focussing lenses at the end
  • Long Goosenecks that hold their position
  • Bright LEDs at the end of each gooseneck
  • ​This is a Cold Light Source
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Special internal processor holds the light intensity constant  

iLUMos QUADLED Microscope Ring Light. 2396i
  • Quadrant Selectable
  • Adjustable Intensity

iLUMos Stereo Microscope Ring Light, 2402i

Auxiliary Objectives
This microscope does not require an auxiliary objective to work.  Without an auxiliary objective the zoom magnification range is 0.7X-6.3X which, with the standard 10x eyepieces (included in the price) installed will give a magnification of 7X-63X.  The working distance is 110mm (distance from end of the objective lens to the point on the subject that is in focus).

You can change these values by screwing onto the 'nose' of the microscope an objective lens, there are 3 magnifications available.  So, for instance  with the 0.5X objective attached the zoom magnification range will be halved to 3.5X-31.5X.  The working distance also changes.  Please note that the 2X objective is the most tricky to use because getting light onto the subject is much more difficult with lower working distances.
Additional sets of eyepieces will increase the magnification to the observer (not to the camera).  It is always best, if practical) to change the magnification using an auxiliary objective because the image to the camera changes but eyepieces will not change the working distance which gives considerable advantage if working under the microscope with instruments.
Camera Adapters
You can connect C-mount cameras and DSLR cameras to this microscope using the adapters listed.
Fluorescence Attachment
Dual 3W Fluorescence Epi-Illuminator with Eye Protection Shield, Adjustable Intensity
Used mainly in research.
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Microscope Type Stereo Zoom
Microscope Head Type Trinocular
Photoport Selection Simultaneous output to eyepieces & camera
Photoport GX Microscopes L Series Type
Standard Magnification 7X-63X (with 10x eyepieces inserted)
Magnification Range with Accessories 3.5X-351X (with optional eyepieces and objectives)
Standard Objective Zoom 0.7X-6.3X
Zoom Ratio 1:9
Standard Working Distance(s) 110mm
Working Distance Range with Accessories 30mm - 165mm (with optional objectives)
Standard Eyepiece(s) 10X Widefield for 30mm Eyepiece tube
Standard Stand Type Dual Illuminated Large Pillar Stand with Wide Base
Standard Stand Illumination LED Top Spot and Transmitted Base, Adjustable
Standard Stand Focus Coarse, Tension Adjustable
Standard Stand Stage Plates Clear Glass & Black/White Plate
Warranty 2 Years
Brand GX Microscopes
Condition New
Product Code UM1078B
Weight 10kg